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Tahoe Protection

Clarity is the most obvious sign of Lake Tahoe's health. It has declined by over 30% in the past 40 years, as the number of Basin residents and visitors has increased. Why?

Although 63 streams and tributaries flow into Tahoe, only one flows out. Fine sediments from the area's fragile watershed travel this network, remaining suspended in the water, creating cloudiness. The more fine sediments, the cloudier the water.

The November 2010 Lake Tahoe Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Report attributes 72% of these fine sediments to urban upland run-off (page 50, figure 7-3). Disturbances due to the transportation system -- cars, mass transit, parking lots, bus stops, etc. -- are, directly and indirectly, the primary source.
The Tahoe Transportation District (TTD) is committed to restoring and protecting Lake Tahoe. Each of the projects we undertake includes provisions to help achieve the Lake Tahoe TMDL goal of returning its clarity to the 1967-71 annual average levels.

Transportation Projects

We're currently working on several projects to positively impact Tahoe Basin transportation.

Planned 2012 Construction
Incline Gateway - installing a one-way "roundabout" (traffic flows around an island without stop signs/signals) to enhance safety where SR 28 meets SR 431.  more >

America's Most Beautiful Bikeway, South Demonstration Project - developing a 3.2-mile route between Stateline and Round Hill at the south shore, part of an eventual 43-mile segment along US 50 on the east shore. more >

Under Evaluation/Consideration
America's Most Beautiful Bikeway - connecting existing trail segments with approximately 162 miles of new construction to decrease private car use with safer, upgraded biking and walking choices. more >

America's Most Beautiful Bikeway, North Demonstration Project - alternatives for a 3-mile off-road bikeway between Incline Village and Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park-Sand Harbor, to improve bicycle and pedestrian access and safety. more >

SR 28 National Scenic Byway - improvements, being proposed and developed by local communities and 12 partnering agencies, to protect the environment while streamlining traffic flow for safer, more enjoyable travel between Incline Village and US 50. more >

US 50/South Shore Community Revitalization Project - options to enhance safety and reduce traffic flow by realigning Highway 50 at Stateline, NV to provide two lanes in each direction along Lake Parkway, and converting the existing route to a three-lane local street. more >

SR 89/Fanny Bridge Community Revitalization Project - ways to integrate solutions for present and future travel demand in Tahoe City with protecting the historic bridge. more >

Lake Tahoe Aquabus - passenger ferry service as a reliable, accessible and time-efficient transit alternative between the north and south shores. more >

TTD History

In 1969, California and Nevada legislators agreed to a unique Compact for sharing Lake Tahoe resources/responsibilities. The U.S. Congress amended the Compact in 1980, with public law 96-551, which also established the Transportation District (TTD). The agency is tasked with the mission in the upper left corner, as well as owning and operating transportation terminals and parking facilities, serving our communities and visitors.  more >
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