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Lake Tahoe Passenger Ferry

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A waterborne solution, such as a passenger ferry service, is one of the options being evaluated in the "North-South Transit Connection Alternatives Analysis," currently underway to apply for federal funding.

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Translake, between North Shore (TBD) and South Shore (tentatively Ski Run Marina)

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The expense and landscape/environmental impact of building additional road capacity to accommodate increasing numbers of area residents and visitors prompted studies to determine a more eco-friendly, reliable, convenient and time-efficient transit alternative.

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Conceptually speaking, North Shore and South Shore terminals would be constructed for passenger pick-up and drop-off. Regularly scheduled service would be provided, possibly on high-speed catamarans, for connection to destinations/attractions via public transit and private shuttles.

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In contrast to increasing private car use with additional road capacity, this approach would have relatively low environmental impact from construction and operation. A passenger ferry could, ultimately, reduce emissions, improving air quality, as well as road-use erosion, improving water quality. It would also provide a relaxing scenic trip, roughly 20 minutes faster than driving.

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In broad strokes, the target date for start of service with this option would be summer 2015.

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Project Partners


Also including South Shore TMA and the Private Sector.

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