US 50 Project: What can the community count on?

Let’s be honest.
There are some misconceptions out there about the US 50 Project. We’d like to clarify not only the standards and commitments adopted by the Tahoe Transportation District (TTD) Board, but also the project’s potential benefits.

Accurate Commitments Overview

Here’s a sample of the Guiding Principles unanimously adopted on May 13, 2016:

– developed and occupied real estate will not be removed until project construction is funded and residential and business relocation is complete.
– all eligible residents will be relocated fairly and equitably.
– new affordable housing will be deed-restricted.
– the majority of funding will come from federal and state sources.

Accurate Potential Benefits Inventory

The US 50 Project can help change the perception that the south shore is an aging resort area by:

– attracting/maintaining a quality workforce with mixed commercial/affordable housing nodes at prime, transit-served locations
– stimulating private-sector investment to improve the resident and tourist experience
– upgrading run-off treatment, crucial to protecting lake clarity from the estimated 70% of particulates that come from in-basin roadways, parking lots and land development
– improving pedestrian, transit and bike access, reducing private-car trips and vehicle emissions

Maintaining an active, open dialogue about the project with the community is another TTD Board commitment. For the latest information, visit our web page or call 775.589.5500.

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