The TTD is REALLY more than just another Acronym

Believe it or not, the TTD did not originate just to add to the long list of organizations’ acronyms used in the Lake Tahoe Basin (i.e. NDOT, TRPA, TCPUD, LTVA, NLTRA, TTAD and the list goes on). As its Community Outreach Specialist for the SR89/Fanny Bridge Community Revitalization Project (not yet known as SR89/FBCRP), I often hear, “What is the TTD and how did it originate?”  First, I tell people that TTD stands for Tahoe Transportation District, and that they should not feel bad if they confuse the acronym with others over the course of the next 20 + years.  Then I think it’s important that they know the history of the TTD, that is:

“In 1969, California and Nevada legislators agreed to a unique Compact for sharing Lake Tahoe resources/responsibilities. The U.S. Congress amended the Compact in 1980, with public law 96-551, which also established the Tahoe Transportation District (TTD). The agency is responsible for facilitating and implementing safe, environmentally positive, multi-modal transit plans, programs and projects.

Specific tax revenue to support transit and transportation facilities can be allotted to the District. TTD may also acquire, own and operate public transportation systems and parking facilities serving the Tahoe region and provide access to convenient transportation terminals outside of the region.

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Margaret Skillicorn

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