Stateline-to-Stateline Bikeway Project

Pink Ribbons, Blue Views

For those of you who already hike, bike and drive along the East Shore of Lake Tahoe between Incline Village and Sand Harbor, you may have seen a whole trail of pink ribbons adorning the edges and flanks above and below SR 28.  No, it’s not for a future gas line and it’s not marked to monitor any new and unusual plant studies. In fact, the pink ribbons are indicators of the north east section of the future Nevada Stateline-to-Stateline Bikeway Project.

For the past several years, this particular three mile stretch has been under the microscope to assess the best option (there are three:  A, B and C) for all involved.  Route A is my pick as it skims just above the water’s edge of the Lake. The last casual pool from the local hikers seemed to indicate that Tahoe trekkers are swaying for option B which is charted to parallel SR 28’s east side – way above the road. And C is to do nothing.

A bit more about this “Big Blue View and New Bikeway,” too

The cool part about this project is that a large segment of this Bikeway is located on a National Scenic Corridor and is an integral link in a Tahoe-wide bike trail that will circle the Lake.  I don’t know about you yet I am sure this project, entitled “America’s Most Beautiful Bikeway” will be one incredible addition to my “To Do” list (almost) year-round.

So here’s more info about this Nevada Stateline-to-Stateline Bikeway. It’s a proposed 30 mile bikeway that according to official information “will provide non-auto transportation opportunities that will link recreation areas, communities and transportation facilities along U.S. Highway 50 and Nevada State Route 28.” You can check out the entire route by clicking here.

We’re always interested in what the general public thinks about projects like this.  Email your questions or comments to

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