See “Tahoe In Depth” Summer 2016 Issue by Carl Hasty, District Manager, Tahoe Transportation District

Construction is scheduled to start this summer on Tahoe Transportation District’s SR 89/Fanny Bridge Community Revitalization Project in Tahoe City with completion in summer 2017.

The project represents a critical contribution to the future of the region by reducing traffic congestion, improving pedestrian and cyclists’ safety, implementing environmental improvements, and contributing to the city’s overall economic vitality while maintaining its distinctive character. By providing a walkable/bikeable area, TTD is confident residents/visitors will be inspired to get out of their cars and explore the vibrant, prosperous community.

Other enhancements include two safety evacuation routes for west shore residents and North Tahoe Fire Protection District. Long term benefits include less emissions by a reduction in air pollution from vehicles idling in traffic, and less sediment run-off from upgraded storm water treatment.

Set at the intersection of state Routes 89 and 28 at the northwest corner of Lake Tahoe, the project will replace the 87-year old Fanny Bridge, add a new two-lane bridge similar in size over the Truckee River west of Tahoe City, as well as three roundabouts – one at the “Wye” (intersection of state Route 89 and state Route 28) and one at either end of the new alignment.

This summer’s construction phase will build the western and eastern roundabouts and the new Truckee River Bridge. Once opened this will create a new alignment for thru traffic for travelers heading north and south. This alignment is expected to be open summer 2017 as work begins on the second half of the project – the new Fanny Bridge, “Wye” roundabout, and complete street enhancements to the portion of “old 89” that will become a local road.

Funds for the SR 89/Fanny Bridge Project include $30.6 million from the Federal Lands Access Program (awarded 2013), $4.9 million from the California Transportation Commission Active Transportation Program, and $3.7 million from Placer County. The community has been involved in the design phase since the funding was secured.

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