Prepare Your Vehicle Before Snowmageddon

So you’re going on a road trip and you’re going to cross some mountain passes. But the weather forecast calls for heavy snow and high winds.

If you are going to drive in a snowstorm you want to be smart and safe about it. In no particular order and, depending on the circumstances, here are some top items to have in the vehicle:

• Flashlight, extra batteries and extra batteries
• Jumper cables
• Two books of matches or lighter
• Orange cones or flares to place in front and behind your car, bright cloth for hanging on antenna
• First aid kit and extra prescription medication
• Ice scraper and window brush, extra window washer fluid – instant ice off spray – WD40
• Rope
• Cat litter or rock salt (this adds weight to your car and can be used under stuck tires
• Small shovel
• Blankets, extra gloves, hats and socks
• Granola bars, hard candy, sugarless gum or dried fruit
• Cell phone and car charger
• Whistle
• Cash – If you call a tow truck company, and they show up they might not take credit cards or checks.

If the unfortunate happens, you slid and now you’re stuck in the snow, here’s what you do:

• If you don’t know where you’re at and if you’re in a white-out condition situation, stay in your car. You have no way of knowing where there is a gas station or place to get help and are much safer inside especially during storms. If someone offers help, ask them to call for help or roll down your window low enough for them to pass you their cell phone if you don’t have one or if you’re low on bars.
• When it gets cold, run the engine to heat your car for 10 minutes, every hour or so, to conserve gas. Keep your window open a bit for fresh air. Throw the rock salt around the stuck tire. Let it work its’ magic.
• Always let someone know where you are going and when you will be arriving. Sounds simple, but we don’t always do it.

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