Giving BlueGo Direction

The TTD recently assumed long-term management of South Lake Tahoe’s coordinated transit system, BlueGo. While our immediate goal is to avoid any lapse in service, we’re focused on the future at the same time.

That’s where we hope you’ll come in. We’d like your opinion, as a current or potential rider of BlueGo buses, the Nifty 50 Trolley and/or the Heavenly Ski Shuttle, on how we can improve the services to expand and maintain ridership.

What do you think we need to work on? For example, do the routes or schedules need to be expanded or adjusted? Do we need to address being on time and reliable? Are the buses, themselves, inviting? Would you ride more often if you knew the vehicles were providing eco-friendly, sustainable transportation? If you’ve never ridden the bus, why not?

Please note: Many improvements will require additional funding and we can put them in our long-range plan. Those we can make now, we’ll be happy to implement.

Please comment here to help us take BlueGo in the right direction.

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