East Shore Express Recap

Well it’s been some time since my sister and husband rode the East Shore Express to Sand Harbor months ago, for their FIRST time.  I think they’ve ridden it three times more since then. Not only did they find the service convenient and cost-effective, they met some great people on the ride.  In fact, they liked the folks so much that they exchanged phone numbers and met a few weeks later to ride again and picnic at the lake.  With the winter months coming, Anna and Erin are exploring winter transit options through the North Lake Tahoe Express to mountain resorts for skiing and tubing – they are tubing experts!

Erin enjoying his day at the beach thanks to the East Shore Express!

On another note, don’t forget to check out (well, drive around) the New Incline Village Roundabout.  In doing so, remember that cars entering the roundabout YIELD until there are no cars in the roundabout.  Then you get in.  This round about is the first completed project by the TTD, and it’s a beauty.  It also is home to the first public art display in the basin.

Margaret Skillicorn

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2 Responses to East Shore Express Recap

  1. Dorea Shoemaker says:

    I love the that the East Shore Express exists, so parking on the shoulder and bike lanes on the East Shore can stop. So, the next step is not to allow any parking in the bike lane or shoulder on the east shore. The East Shore parking of cars in the bike lane and shoulder is a setup for disaster. When people are entering or exiting their cars the doors are opening into oncoming traffic plus, there is no safe space for bikes. With the Express running, parking on the shoulder and in the bike lane need to stop. People now have a safe alternative, if the Express runs to Skunk Harbor or Spooner and back to Incline. It is a win win.

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