Delayed, enjoy the views

I woke to another sunny May morning offering low lying clouds and much warmer temperatures compared to last year at this time. If I remember correctly, it snowed here in Lake Tahoe until early June during 2011. So, my trip to Plano, Texas at that time was a welcomed relief. I’m one of those people who really like warm weather, but the beauty of the Lake Tahoe area and its surrounding communities stole my heart as a young girl. I knew I’d end up here some day, for now, permanently.

And as those who live here know, once the snow stops, road maintenance and construction begins in an effort to ultimately keep traffic moving swiftly. Now, most of us don’t feel that way when we see that sign that says, “road construction ahead; expect delays.” Next time you see that sign, think about doing these two things. One, open the window in  your car, look out it and be thankful that you don’t have hundreds of cars backed up around you…instead look at the soaring pine trees, a lake view or a view of Mt. Rose. Second, give a big wave and smile to the hard-working guys and gals out there wearing those colored vests that are reminiscent of the colors from clothes we all wore in the 80’s. Come on…you know you wore those neon shorts and headbands, maybe even a vest.

Remember – Safe driving, smiling and waving!

Margaret Skillicorn –

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  1. With spring on its way out the door, and summer in the forefront, construction at Lake Tahoe is indeed in full swing. And just when you thought the only constructive activity was actually on the street, I’ve heard there’s more going on behind the scenes that one would think. Within the massive (read: 80 feet in diameter) Incline Gateway Roundabout (a.k.a. traffic circle) will be one of the west’s Public Art Projects within what is being touted as the “International Gateway to Lake Tahoe”. And with good reason; picture if you will a collection of life-sized bronze animals set atop natural supersized granite boulders … surrounded by a wandering dry creek bed among indigenous plants and grasses.

    For the past two weeks, one of the west’s most respected bronze artists, June Towill Brown, has been creating the focal point of the Public Art Project which a six foot brown bear. The bear, affectionately named “Lois, is one of seven animals selected by the local community to adorn the interior of the roundabout. Lois will share the stage with life-sized sculptures of a Mule Deer buck, coyote, two squirrels, raccoon and “Spumoni” the bobcat … all of which are commonly seen out and about sharing the beauty of Lake Tahoe within their High Sierra habitat. As I get more news from the Foundry where all the critters are coming to life, I’ll post it here!

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