BlueGo Sees Increase in Ridership

Latest transportation figures for BlueGo indicate an 8 percent passenger increase in core service routes while new management strives to operate within established budget parameters. Funding partners of the transit provider have yet to finalize future participation; in the meantime TTD board members are working diligently to manage cost efficiencies while fine tuning on-call services and existing routes.

Of previous partners yet to finalize participation with transit providers are the Stateline casinos; that issue will likely be resolved following settlement of a lawsuit initiated against individual members of South Tahoe Area Transit Authority (BlueGo’s original management entity) by MV Transportation, then the system’s operator.

While the El Dorado County board of supervisors and the Regional Transportation Planning Agency have both expressed support, funding from the controller’s office to TTD is pending release. The City of South Lake Tahoe was the first partner to step forward with funding. Other private sector partners have also committed to financial support.

While on-call services are being scaled back during the budget discussions, BlueGo will continue adhering to Federal Transit Administration regulations, providing ADA-certified riders continued on-call access via reservations made 24 hours in advance.

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One Response to BlueGo Sees Increase in Ridership

  1. kurtiz L warrens says:

    I’m an dyalis patient in carson city and this is my only bus the 21 route to receive tremene
    and my times are from 5:30 and endng at 3:30 on
    back to tahoe. please don’t end this route.

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