(Stateline, Nev.) – A $20 million federal grant to fund a 75-mile bike path around Lake Tahoe is being pursued by the Tahoe Transportation District (http://www.tahoetransportation.org). Long-term community benefits of the proposed Lake Tahoe Bikeway include an increase to the estimated $23 million tourism dollars currently spent by cyclists in the Basin, the creation of 295 jobs, a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by 1,400 metric tons per year, as well as vehicle miles traveled, increased property values near the trail, and promotion of active and healthy Lake Tahoe communities for visitors and residents to enjoy.

A decision on the bi-state regional grant request being submitted to the U.S. Department of Transportation is expected by September 30, 2010. If awarded, $15 million will be used for construction of numerous bike trail segments in both the California and Nevada portions of the Lake Tahoe Basin, with $4.5 million slated for planning of additional regional bike networks. The Tahoe Transportation District facilitates community infrastructure projects to increase safety throughout the Tahoe Basin including roadways, sidewalks, public transportation and bike trails.

The goal of Lake Tahoe Bikeway Project also is to provide numerous communities with the following pedestrian and bike path improvements:

  • Stateline area at North Shore to the Stateline, Nev. area at South Shore, with bikeway segments in Crystal Bay, South Lake Tahoe and along the east shore
  • Ski Run Marina and El Dorado Beach extension providing 4 new miles of path
  • El Dorado Beach to Ski Run Blvd Bike Trail with .75 miles of lake access enhancement
  • West Shore, Truckee River and North Shore trails by creating a continuous 18-mile network of pathway
  • Creating more than 30 miles of new trails to connect existing trails in Dollar Hill and Tahoe Vista
  • Improvements along SR 28 to include bicycle lanes and 10-foot sidewalks to enhance pedestrian and bicycle mobility and safety
  • An additional 1.1 miles of new pathway along the Kings Beach Commercial Corridor to complete future redevelopment efforts

“The Lake Tahoe Bikeway project will connect Tahoe Basin communities and increase tourism dollars in our area,” said Carl Hasty, TTD District Manager. “In addition to increasing public safety, health and air quality, the project positively affects the area’s transportation system sustainability through reduced greenhouse gas emissions, less dependence on oil and reduced traffic congestion.”

Overnight and day visitors to Lake Tahoe for cycling purposes generate an estimated $6 million to $23 million in local direct expenditures annually. This represents a favorable return on investment when compared to the average of $3 million per year (over the last 10 years) spent on construction of the existing network.

Lake Tahoe visitors utilizing bicycle paths show an average daily expenditure per visitor of approximately $30 to $124 per day, according to a regional survey by the Tahoe Metropolitan Planning Organization, Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority, North Lake Tahoe Resort Association and TRPA/Tahoe Coalition of Recreation Providers.

Other resort destination areas have conducted studies to understand the extent of direct expenditures related to bicycling on state and local economies. For example, the Colorado Department of Transportation found the total economic benefit from bicycling to the State of Colorado exceeding $1 billion annually.

For details pertaining to the Tahoe Transportation District and its current projects, visit www.TahoeTransportation.org or call (775) 589-5500.

Visitors coming to Lake Tahoe primarily for cycling purposes are estimated to bring between $6 and $23 million in local direct expenditures annually to local communities.

Tahoe Transportation District has submitted for a $20 Million grant from the US Department of Transportation to fund the completion of the 75 mile bike path around Lake Tahoe.

Tahoe Transportation District

The Tahoe Transportation District (TTD) is responsible for the implementation and management of transportation projects and programs in the Tahoe Basin. The organization has facilitated many area safety infrastructure projects, including bicycle paths, roadway improvements, pedestrian thoroughfares, water quality and water shed improvements and public transit solutions.

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